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  1. Williamson’s Covid catch-up plan will not address the real fault lines in our schooling system, says Sean Ledwith

  2. Richard D. Wolff in The Sickness is the System exposes the flaws and failures in the capitalist economic system, and argues for workplace democracy, finds Phil Armstrong

  3. Three weeks on from the military coup, Myanmar’s crisis-stricken working class is playing a key role in the escalating popular uprising, writes Susan Ram

  4. Counterfire's Chris Neville interviews Darren Chambers, a British Gas striker and GMB trade union rep on why he's taking strike action and why everyone should support the strikers

  5. The victory against Uber in court offers precarious workers an opportunity to organise and bring an end to the gig economy, reports Yonas Makoni

  6. A model motion to pass at your trade union branch/CLP/other organisation in support of bus drivers in London taking strike action

  7. Despite the bluster over 'data not dates' there are big holes in the prime minister’s 'irreversible' plan argues Terina Hine

  8. The government have had a year to make schools safe for students to return, but they keep failing to learn the lesson, argues Jamal Elaheebocus

  9. The feeling of being let down and anger was palpable on the bus drivers' picket at Tolworth Garage, reports Sri Viswanatha

  10. Over 2,000 bus drivers began strike action on Monday in response to a new contract that will see a cut in pay and conditions, reports Yonas Makoni

  11. David McAllister responds to Boris Johnson's "big bang" school reopening plans for 8 March

  12. Shabbir Lakha explains what we can expect from Biden's foreign policy using a Marxist understanding of imperialism

  13. Unite executive member Richard Allday writes (in a personal capacity) on the union’s general secretary election and the need for a united left

  14. Preoccupied with burying the politics of the Corbyn era, Starmer’s vacuous leadership is failing to offer a coherent alternative to the Tories, argues Alex Snowdon.

  15. You can’t fight one oppression by doubling down on another, argues Elaine Graham-Leigh

  16. Counterfire's weekly digest rounding up the stories of working people getting organised and fighting

  17. Ten years on from the Bahraini revolution, Shabbir Lakha looks at Britain’s role in supporting the violent repression of pro-democracy protesters

  18. Dominic Alexander looks at the limits of Keynesian economics in the context of the current crisis and questions of state spending

  19. Fully re-opening schools on March 8 is dangerous and risks another increase in infections and deaths, argues David McAllister

  20. There is a national push in universities to restructure, cut jobs and weaken unions, but higher education workers are fighting back, reports Vladimir Unkovski-Korica

  21. Hal Draper’s edition of the Communist Manifesto with commentary strips away layers of falsifications and misconceptions to reveal afresh Marx’s meaning, finds Dominic Alexander

  22. Chris Nineham argues Starmer's poor polling can't be blamed on vaccine success

  23. For LGBT History Month, Counterfire is hosting this public meeting with Kevin Ovenden to discuss the radical history of the movement, how it won key arguments and the continuing fight for liberation

  24. The first in our series of Marxist Forums on Women's Liberation

  25. The second in our series of Marxist Forums on Women's Liberation