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  1. Lindsey German on a Tory party that cannot cope and a pitiful pseudo-opposition

  2. British Gas is planning to 'fire and rehire' its employees on worsened terms and conditions and to end union recognition, reports Chris Neville

  3. Recent provocations in Taiwan between the US and China risks military escalation, and must be resisted by the anti-war movement, argues Terina Hine

  4. Refugee women in detention being given forced hysterectomies without consent is yet another reason why Ice must be abolished, argues Eleftheria Kousta

  5. After the government U-turn on being able to work from home, the PCS Union offers another example of the power of popular pressure, argues Floyd Codlin

  6. A left in thrall to Starmer's Labour risks irrelevance, argues Chris Nineham

  7. Don’t be fooled by outrage over the latest Brexit proposals from the Tories. International law hasn’t stopped them in the past, argue Reuben Bard-Rosenberg and Martin Hall

  8. Protests and strikes are on the rise across France against deteriorating working conditions, job losses and Macron’s woeful response to the Covid crisis, writes Susan Ram

  9. A rushed ‘return to normal’ is driving up the infection rates and, increasingly, the death rate, writes Alex Snowdon 

  10. Students all over the world took part in the first climate strike since the pandemic broke out, reports Jamal Elaheebocus

  11. The government has failed teachers and students and they have no Plan B as cases continue to rise

  12. Universities are risking student and staff lives by continuing the push to return students to unsafe campuses and maintain some face-to-face teaching

  13. Sunak’s scheme will mean millions are made jobless and the movement should reject it, argue Susan Newman and Chris Nineham

  14. Two new histories of working-class radicalism in Scotland from the French Revolution to the crisis of 1820 show the relevance of these events to today, finds Chris Bambery

  15. The passing of the Overseas Operations bill which Labour abstained on is a disservice to victims of torture and undermines international law, argues Lindsey German

  16. Ahead of the US elections, John Clarke considers the balance of forces, the dangers of a second Trump term and the intensifying crisis whatever the outcome

  17. John Rees debunks one of the prosecution's key arguments in the Assange trial

  18. The first of a fortnightly digest rouding up the stories of working people getting organised and fighting back

  19. Keir Starmer's conference speech in Doncaster isn't convincing anybody, writes John Westmoreland after speaking to people in the area

  20. The government is still committed to putting profit before lives. We need to organise to force adequate safety measures argues Katherine Connelly

  21. Starmer's policy-stricken, Corbyn-bashing conference speech confirms that opposition to the Tories is only going to come from outside parliament, argues Terina Hine

  22. Trump is once again claiming he has an anti-war foreign policy in his election campaign, but his record doesn't back it up, argues Chris Nineham

  23. The government’s measures to deal with a second wave remain inadequate; it’s crucial the left pushes for serious action that puts safety first, argues Lucy Nichols

  24. Unison members at SOAS have won their fight against compulsory redundancies after planning to strike, reports Feyzi Ismail

  25. As Trump looks to shore up populism for his re-election during the BLM upsurge, Sean Ledwith draws upon parallels with 1968