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  1. Asylum seekers who have survived horrific journeys are now being held in such inhumane conditions they're committing self harm and attempting suicide

  2. In our continuing series on left strategy, Chris Nineham from Counterfire responds to Laura Smith and ...

  3. Instead of opposing Johnson's shambolic tiers, Starmer's abstention is letting the anti-lockdown Tory rebels and scotch eggs dominate the debate, writes Terina Hine

  4. Thousands of frontline workers at Heathrow Airport have begun strike action against the company's fire and rehire tactics, reports Yonas Makoni

  5. The 1974 Play For Today ‘Leeds - United!’ depicts the real power of action and the passion of words produced when workers are involved in class struggle, argues Tony Dowling

  6. Government plans to deport another 50 black people on 2 December in a continuation of the racist hostile environment must be opposed urgently

  7. As Trump’s presidency comes to an end, Sybil Cock assesses what Palestinians can expect from the incoming Biden administration

  8. The strike at Rolls-Royce's Barnoldswick plant continues to go strong despite the vindictive actions of management, reports Chris Neville

  9. With a permanent military presence at 145 base sites in 42 countries or territories around the world, Britain is far from a ‘nation in retreat’, writes Terina Hine

  10. Lindsey German on the idiocy of Tory pandemic policy and Starmer’s witch-hunt on the march

  11. A brief guide for contributors to Counterfire

  12. There is no justification for the public sector pay freeze, it's a slap in the face for teachers and key workers that have kept society running, says David McAllister

  13. Members of UCU at Northumbria University have voted to strike over health and safety amid a growing number of branches escalating disputes and balloting

  14. On the bicentenary of Engels' birth, Lindsey German looks at his life as a socialist revolutionary, activist and theoretician

  15. A new report shows the hostile environment is unlawful, but it's more than a technical oversight - it's the deliberate racism of the state and it must be resisted

  16. The credit card is maxed out when it comes to public sector pay but there's always money for war according to the Tories, writes Terina Hine

  17. Local councils should be standing up to the Tories, not making their workers and most vulnerable constituents pay, writes Jamal Elaheebocus

  18. As El Diego leaves us, Enrico Tortolano pays tribute to the boy from the barrio who never forgot where he came from

  19. Rob Larson’s witty and informative Bit Tyrants provides a welcome analysis of corporate tech giants, and a mass strategy for confronting them, finds Elaine Graham-Leigh

  20. As 16 million workers down tools in a nationwide general strike, Susan Ram explores the issues and possibilities

  21. Lucy Nichols, one of the occupiers at the University of Manchester, calls on students around the country to follow suit

  22. The Tory spending review shows the government’s priority is to protect profits and making working class people pay, argues Shabbir Lakha

  23. Starmer has confirmed that his manoeuvring on Brexit and a second referendum was always an anti-left operation used to attack Corbyn, argues Kevin Ovenden 

  24. The victory for the campaign to reinstate sacked trade unionist Richie Venton and restore sick pay shows what workers organising can achieve, writes Chris Neville

  25. The life long comrade of Karl Marx, Friedrich Engels made a huge contribution to socialist ideas and to revolutionary activity. Lindsey German looks at his legacy